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Ipoh 怡保

Ipoh is a city in northwestern Malaysia, known as a gateway to the Cameron Highlands hill station. Ipoh City is located in the Kinta River. Ipoh is surrounded by rocky mountains and is known as the ‘mountain city’. It is a bustling city with many distinctive buildings. It is also famous for its Malaysian Chinese cuisine. The old district of Ipoh is the Kinta District between the Sultan Idris Shah and the Sultan Iskandar Road. This house has many houses and colonial buildings built by early Chinese.

Concubine Lane

Ipoh Old Street has a well-known narrow alley in the near future, called Concubine Lane. In addition to the second milk alley, there are Big Milk Lane and Sanchi Lane, but these two alleys are not as famous as the Er Nai Lane. The “Mistress Lane” has recently been re-launched, along with the “San Nai Lane” and the “Da Dai Lane”, which is completely unknown. These three names are full of “dreams” and have now become tourist attractions. When the Er Nai Lane phase began to have a reputation, the Er Nai Lane was the gentle township where the rich merchants used to raise the Er Nai. The grandson of Yao Desheng, the big miner, came out to explain that the Er Nai Lane was not a place to specialize in “campling a mistress”, but the shop that Yao Desheng gave to the second wife for rent and rent. The name was taken for the alley. Now known as Lorong Panglima. Nowadays, with the tourist boom of Ipoh murals, the Er Nai Lane has become a must-see tourist area.


Lost World of Tambun

Lost World of Tambun is located in the eastern part of Ipoh City, Perak. Since its opening, it has attracted 450,000 visitors every year and has become a sister park with Sunway Lost World of Tambun. Lost World of Tambun is one of the largest water parks in Malaysia. It is fully equipped with river adventures, stimulating waterslides, cliff coasters, Forest Waves Bay, Hot Springs, Adventure Bay, Tiger Valley and restaurants and boutiques. Choose your favorite project for an exciting attempt. Lost Paradise is a water park for all ages. Not only do children have fun, but adults also relax physically and mentally. The park has a 600-meter expedition channel, the longest expedition in Asia, and the first river in Malaysia to have a wave engine. Visitors can enjoy the turbulent waves and splashes of water through the caves around the park.



Ipoh Old Town

Ipoh Old Town is located west of the Kinta River in the old town of Ipoh. In the early days it was a mining town. Since the beginning of the 19th century, more and more British tin mining companies have set up their subsidiaries here, and Ipoh has become more and more important since then. Many influential institutions such as Standard Chartered Bank, India, Australia and China Ltd. have also opened offices in Ipoh. Ipoh has become one of the major cities in Malaysia. Due to the booming tin mining industry, Ipoh has also become Malaysia’s second largest administrative capital. Visitors can now see many old buildings, taste authentic white coffee, and visit famous attractions such as train stations and city halls. In addition, the current Ipoh Old Street is also a gathering place for food and murals.


Ipoh Old Street Mural

Since the murals of the pottery painter Ernest Zacharevic in Penang have quickly become popular, many tourists have come to Penang to take a look. The famous painter also turned to Ipoh to paint. His paintings with local characteristics also quickly attracted many tourists to watch and take pictures.





Kinta Riverfront River Walk

The riverside is the mini I-City of Ipoh City. In addition to the colorful LED lights trees, there are some good restaurants next to the river. Don’t worry, the river in the Ipoh River is not stinky, it is a good place to visit. With the ever-changing neon trees, the superb reflections into the water, the old songs in the air, near the riverside, is an ideal place for a walk in the evening. On one side of the river bank, the crown is covered with shimmering sapphires and white lights, creating almost the illusion of a small meteorite rain. On the other side lies a small Palon Tin Mine Art Museum.



Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village

Qingxinling Leisure Culture Village is a leisure place for Ipoh to avoid the bustling city of the city. Qingxinling is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and the green mountain scenery embraces the green lake. The quiet and leisurely atmosphere is called “Qingxinling”. After being opened to the public, it will be repaired at any time, and some facilities will be added to the public, such as bicycles, tricycles, manual carts, swings, etc., so that you can leisurely ride the Qingxinling. It is very suitable for a young and old to play, and it is also a good place for friends and relatives to meet and talk.



Kellie’s Castle

Although it is not located in Ipoh City, it is an unfinished castle 40 km away from Ipoh City – Kellie’s Castle is a place to visit Ipoh visitors. The castle was curated and built by William Kelly Smith in 1915. The castle is imposing, the six-story tower stands tall, the Romanesque columns and the Morrisian arches are luxurious and beautiful, with majestic columns and luxurious wine cellars inside, the old castle. Even the first elevator in Malaysia was set up. However, this castle has not been built. After the First World War, William ordered the construction of a Hindu temple near the castle and a tunnel running through two buildings. However, before the completion of the building, William died and the project was put on hold. There are many secret rooms and secret tunnels in the castle, and the road leading to the castle presents a labyrinth of passage along the outline of the terrain, adding a mysterious and romantic color to the place. The locals said that the ghost stories about Kelly Castle are rumored, but the unique architectural appearance even Malaysians like to visit and take pictures during the day.



Ipoh Must Eat Food!

Funny Mountain Soy Milk

Talking about of Ipoh’s “classic” tofu and soy milk, the old Ipoh is familiar with the “Funny Mountain Soy Milk” in the cinema street, because in 1952, the old aunt who came from China, has been along the street. The recipe was placed and later passed to the son, and the son passed it on to his son. It is now the third generation. Funny Mountain Soy Milk’s method of making tofu and soy milk is derived from Chaozhou, Shantou, Guangdong, China. Nowadays, they still maintain the traditional practice, using the ancient secret recipe, but also using the cauldron to brew the soy bean curd.



Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau

The restaurant’s signature dish is the famous sprouted chicken. It has a history of more than 50 years. It is full of chicken and chicken. The chicken is tender and full of chicken. It is served with winter sprouts and chicken bone soup. Oil and pepper seasoning, refreshing and sweet. In addition, hand-made fish eggs, burning chicken and dried fish sand are all signature dishes, fish eggs, large grains, and refreshing teeth; dry sand Shahe powder is enough and transparent and refreshing.



Tong Sui Kai

Tong Sui Kai has always been known as Ipoh “Greedy Street”, a row of 50 stalls, every night into the night began to live, from pasta, porridge rice, snacks, barbecue to ice, is a roadside hawker in the 90s After being banned, another way to find the roadside cooked food stalls. Nowadays, there are many open-air “greedy streets” in other districts, but Tong Sui Kai always stands.



Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken

Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken is a food that many tourists come to, and has a history of many years. After the chicken wrapped in paper is baked, the scent of all the sauces and various herbs has penetrated into the chicken and is very tasty. The variety of salted chicken is much better! There are original flavors, eight treasures flavors, herbs and so on.